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Charles Abrahams [Abrams] (1654 - d.)
Birthplace: Flatbush, NY
Death: Hempstead, Queens, NY
Husband of Sarah
Father of John

John Abrams (1683 - 1738)
Death: Hewlett, Queens, NY
Son of Sarah and Charles
Husband of Hannah
Father of Henry

Henry Abrams (1714 - 1793)
Birthplace: Hempstead, New York
Death: Hempstead, New York
Son of Hannah and John
Husband of Hannah and Margaret
Father of Charles

Charles Abrams (1754 - d.1800+)
Death: Hewlett, NY
Son of Henry and Hannah
Father of Stephen I

Stephen Abrams I (1782 - d.1850)
Birthdate: Hewlett, ny
Death: Hewlett, Queens, NY
Son of Charles
Husband of Sara Jane Denton:
Father of Stephen II

Stephen Abrams II (1811 - d.1894)
Birthplace: Hewlett, Queens, Long Island, New York
Death: Flatlands, Canarsie, Brooklyn
Son of Sara Jane Denton and Stephen Abrams I
Husband of Phebe

Phebe Seaman (1814 - d.)
Birthdate: 1814
Death: researching
Wife of Stephen


John Mathews (b.1830 - d.1907)
Birthplace: Flatlands
Death: Flatlands
Son of William and Abigail Morrison
Husband of Charity Stilwell
Occupation: Fisherman

Charity Mathews (Stillwell) (b.1832 - d.1895)
Birthplace: Flatlands, New York
Daughter of William B Stilwell, & Eliza Ann South

William Henry Mathews (b.1849 - d.1928)
Birthplace: Flatlands, Canarsie, New York
Death: Flatlands
Husband of Mary Ann Abrams
Occupation: FISHERMAN

Mary Ann Mathews (Abrams) (c.1841 - d.)
Nicknames: "MARIAN"
Birthplace: Flatlands
Death: Died in New York, United States
Daughter of Stephen and Phebe
Wife of William
Mother of Samuel, Stephen, Phebe A, Sarah A, Walter, Maria Elisa, Lydia, and Emma
Sister of Elwood, Townsend, William H, Harriet, George, Maria, Joel, Major G

Sarah Ann Mathews (1870 - 1944)
Place of Burial: New York, United States
Birthplace: flatlands
Death: Died June 9, 1944 in Brooklyn, New York
Daughter of Mary Ann Abrams and William H Mathews
Wife of Samuel B. Fuller and Charles McCrodden (d.1893)
Mother of Samuel, Charles , Annie, Helen, William, Elma D., Bella, and Mary A.
Sister of Samuel, Stephen, Phebe A, Walter, Maria Elisa, Lydia, and Emma
Burial; Canarsie Cemetery, Mathews Plot

Samuel B. Fuller (1875 - c.1950)
Birthdate: 1875
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York
Death: Died 1950 in Brooklyn, New York
Cause of death: Kings County Hospital
Son of Mary Crawford and Edward K Fuller
Husband of Sarah Ann Mathews
Father of Samuel, Charles , Annie, Helen, William, and Elma D.
Brother of Ida, Mary, William, Charles, Lydia 'Liddy', and Edward K 2
Burial; Canarsie Cemetery, Mathews plot

Charles Milton Fuller (c.1906 - 1950)
Place of Burial: United States
Birthdate: June 24, 1906
Death: 1950+
Son of Sarah A and Samuel
Husband of Emma
Brother of Samuel, Annie, Helen, William, and Elma D.
Half brother of Bella and Mary A.

Emma Boehm (c.1912 - 2000)
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York
Death: Died June, 2000 in Babylon, New York
Daughter of Minnie and Charles
Wife of Charles

Mark Anthony Miranda
Location: New York, USA
Birthplace: LONG ISLAND, NY